Bhang Chocolate Bars

Bhang Chocolate is dedicated to crafting the finest gourmet chocolate, from high quality ingredients to ensure the greatest possible medicated edibles in the world.

2X Bhang Dark Chocolate Bar 120mg

2X Bhang Pretzel and Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar 120mg

3X Bhang Fire Chocolate Bar Dark Chocolate with Orange and a lil' spice 180mg

50/50 CBD/THC Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar 120mg

The Bhang Triple Promise Guarantee:

Great Taste

We promise to deliver to you the best tasting Medical cannabis edible products on the planet.

Consistent Doses

We promise to deliver the same precise amount of concentrated THC extract in every piece of cannabis chocolate, in every batch, In every season.


We promise to use only state-of-the-art packaging, testing and production processes Safety, quality and consistency are our goal!!!

About Us

Canna Cabanna Express

A medical cannabis delivery service dedicated to veterans and residents of Los Osos, Morro Bay & Cayucos.

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